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    Office365 or Google Apps?

    We will help you to implement both solutions.

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    IP-Phone systems

    We are working with all suppliers and delivers custom-made solutions.

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    We offer different solutions for large and small offices.

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    We are delivering solution through Microsoft Azure.

We are the personal consultancy company that takes care of all your IT services

To avoid the often time-consuming process of coordinating multiple suppliers of IT services, we take full responsibility for your IT environment and handle everything from installation and purchase of equipment to operations and support.

You just need to keep track of one number:

+46 (0)8 410 179 10

Our services

Operation & Support

To maintain a secure and stable IT environment, it is important that it is checked at regular intervals

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To maintain a secure and stable IT environment, it is important that it is checked at regular intervals.

We offer various types of fixed contracts – everything from visits by a technician once or twice a month, to taking full responsibility for day-to-day IT operations. Regular health checks ensure that you get an effective IT environment and minimise both costly breakdowns and emergency call-outs.

You can also sign a call-out agreement, where we guarantee to be on site within 4 or 8 hours if you need emergency assistance on the spot.


In partnership with The Online Backup Company, we offer a complete and affordable backup solution for your business.

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Small and medium-sized businesses face many of the same challenges relating to backup that large companies do, but are more vulnerable to data loss when it comes to recovery after a crash because of inadequate procedures.

With OBC Online Backup, you avoid investment costs and can scale up your solution as your company grows without having to invest in new hardware.

With our solution, you eliminate the risk of the human factor in routines – everything is done automatically.

Project planning

Maybe it’s time to replace the old machinery, or perhaps just install a new printer? Either way, we’ll ensure that the entire process flows smoothly.

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Situational analysis

How do things function today? What are your needs?

Action plan

We provide a proposal and quote for what should be done (hardware, software and installation).


We install, implement and carry out a final check.

Cloud solutions

Cloud computing involves the ability to manage applications, data storage, capacity and processing power through an external resource that is accessed via the web. The advantage is that you avoid the need to invest in your own IT equipment or software.

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As you only pay for what you use, even small and medium-sized businesses can afford to use the latest software for the same price per user as large companies with their own IT department. Another important aspect is availability. Through the cloud, you get easy access to your material and your applications wherever you are. All you need is an internet connection.

However, there are a number of practical issues to consider, as well as cost, security, backups and more. And the optimal solution differs from company to company. Maybe you don’t need a dedicated cloud environment but can integrate cloud services with your existing IT environment.

We will guide you and supply everything your IT department may need to plan, staff, and manage your cloud service.


Different needs require different solutions and we work with a variety of wireless products, but have chosen to focus particularly on the affordable range offered by Ruckus.

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Ruckus uses a patented technology for beamforming, BeamFlex, which is superior to other manufacturers.

Ruckus ZoneFlex is based on smart access points and controllers with even more intelligence and they are suitable for most types of solutions, from simple, standalone networks with only isolated access points to sizable networks with several thousand access points.

IP-Phones & Internet

We are working with all suppliers and delivers custom-made solutions.

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We are open weekdays between 08.00 – 17.00 (CET). To access remote support click below


Kronborgsgränd 19, 164 22 Kista, Sweden.


+46 (0) 8 410 179 10